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Jackson Pollock that’s not a question like they’re powerful and impressive concerning and upsetting pieces and you know I I just I I feel like if you went and saw art in a museum if you went and saw art in person you’d understand a lot more about it and a lot more about your own take on its sort of like it’s the-equivalent of taking stuff apart if you look at enough stuff you start to see patterns emerge because you’re paying attention and when you see patterns emerge you start to be able to call up to your own your own judgement about something you know which is it’s like my early political science hero Noam Chomsky says you know yeah I’ve done all this experimentation but you shouldn’t-take my word for.

It you should go out and do your own research count the column inches in the New York Times and come to your own conclusion there’s question here about Jamie the questions imply is where is Jamie Where’s Jaime Jamie’s already on a plane on the way back to San Francisco he was here last-night Jamie was here last night anyone get property with Jamie there we go I won’t ask about Jamie in your relationship with Jamie where did you when did you guys figure out that you guys had arelationship.that would be conducive to a narrative Oh Mike telling stories so Jamie gave me my first job a special-effects years ago and then years ago he called me up because were professionally friendly and said I got a call from Discovery Channel they want to want to do this show called Mythbusters.

They want to shoot a demo reel I don’t really think that I could it on my own but maybe we could do it together and then we shot the pilot over six weeks they loved it the camera crew showed up three weeks later sorry we shot the pilot we shot the demo revolver six hours cut it this camera crew showed up three weeks later we shot the pilots over six weeks and then discovery picked them up and we’ve been literally shooting Mythbusters ever since.

Why You Should Not Go To Instrument Rental

Transfer you picks not Manuel Campos and I don’t say this to everyone but I will throw in my band’s demo sir is that your pick Found it on that imp give me that customer service no that’s customer service let me transfer you would it be possible they could try to be spells out I have to get my keys those keys right there no not not these my my other these aren’t for that no mocked my friend told me that a flanges the pedal that I should get so I’m kind of just great to see if I could.

Just try that one what it sounds like what about that delay right there ah what is the way me do mm-hmm it would probably be way easier if I could just try them excuse me I have a question about some pedals over here one here you play no oh I wish you would check out my fancy B do you get so many strings above like a we got bass strings I mean for a guitar why a commando you want the warranty with this hey can I borrow you for a second I’m actually on break Kim oh yeah yeah no problem give me second.

I’ll go finds instrument rental one for you great thank you yeah we’re actually all on break so if you want to come back inline minutes we can help you then dude good choice do you want the ultimate protection music lessons playing with this it’s worth it oh nice you definitely want the warranty with this ah Papooses you need to get the warranty dude how much is it it’s like bucks but that’s only five so warranty warranty just get the warranty dude uh what’s the what kind of like what about the custom Distortion uh what about the custom.

phase you who tuned this wasn’t me I think it was meson much money looking to spend today you’re like fact-checking her bucks Ivan spend probably I am your guy anything you need you come to me oh that’s super nice even yeah thank you so much yeah totally wait we don’t make a mission anymore hey man how much could I get for this um no check manor yeah.

Ways On How To Prepare For Mexican Restaurant

Into it though stuff with beans and cheese and like to fry if there are potatoes another signatures shrimp thief we’re stupid stupid underappreciated in a corn tortilla lightly dry you we have a generic runner with princeliness and mushroom salad on top movie for Pittsburgh finishing with some pineapple applesauce dark yeah Sear Toccata here with guacamole onions and cabbage slaw and salsa fresco honeymooner people on video insecure the Santiago style Shi’ite trying to get stuff ready yes.

That’s the goal but we’re not done what are we go hey we have our list our specialty evening their campus your diners doubt you’re like easier to serve on a beefy bacon in some microgroove the top so simple is so amazing roman freeze any seafood Jamie we’re coming to an end almost almost so we’re not there yet Mary what do we got we have this is our champion it is cooked in a banana leaves so these things are garlic interdenominational some seared Brussels sprouts sweet potatoes take that to your corn tortillas.

okay this is going to be at the carcasses well it’s a cupcake race for a year that is a little bit crispy little bit of grit beans cilantro Mexican Restaurant red onion apple wood smoked crispy bacon over the top and this has our tortillas excuse that in their enrollments hi Jamie all the courses are done ye snow Rob the desert yes you have literally brought us a mountain of desert please share the border grill how do we do this earth well for starters imaging is homemade everything is made here in house from across every week so.

I have a variety okay here we have our pineapple upside-down cake which is producing I’ll find a Mexican restaurant but it’s Omaha Mexican Restaurant banana cream pie our blonde passed over Tina this is little different this is tome a signature item here-puff pastry cream cheese chunks of chocolate white chocolate whip cream and chocolate mousse cream over-the-top bowl we also have our tees lech traditional Mexican chocolate pie with an Oreo crust on.

Ten Ways Cacao Nibs Substitute Can Improve Your Business

Good you want to try and make sure that your grid is as small as possible because that’s going to to get the effect that you want because that’s going to you know speed up your simulation take a look here in the camera view and we have a pretty good grid setup now cacao nibs substitute the next thing that we’re going to want to do is create a sources let’s go to create helpers and from the drop-down will choose Phoenix FD-now we can choose a regular Phoenix source but there’s also a Phoenix liquid source which is a little bit easier.

Totes up and more geared towards liquids so I’ll drag this out in the viewpoint going to go over to the modify pan eland here you can pick what you want to emit liquid from so we’ll choose add and we’re going to choose our emitter chichis our little chocolate stick and then we’re going to set up some of these parameters so I’m going to bring the discharge down to this will mean it’s discharging a lot less liquid than the default of and if we look at this animation we can see that you know it pours over and moves across this candy bar and we want to probably taper off the amount of liquid that’s coming up around so let’s turn.

on Auto Key and we’ll create a just kind of scrub this up and down to create a key at of discharge of then we’ll reduce that discharge maybe around to this way it will start pouring chocolate over our candy and then as we go over it will kind of taper off towards the end we’ll turn off auto key and with a simulator selected we’ll go over the modify pan eland there’s one more thing we’re going-to want to do before we start to simulate and that’s of course go to the liquids roll out and make sure that this simulator.

Is set up to be simulating liquid cacao nibs so we’re just going to check enable and that’s going to set up couple of other things for us including probably some better preview values sow can see the preview let’s scroll up to simulation and click on start so now what we should see is some liquid coming down and spraying over our candy bar I’m going to scroll down to the preview.

The Miracle Of Science Technology

All of our most important research into POTSDAM has come from animal testing which is you know kind of horrifying because they literally had to experimentally and systematically traumatize rats and other animals in order to elicit POTSDAM and they discovered that POTSDAM primarily hides within the limb system specifically the hippo campus and the brain stem in little cluster of cells called.

The honeylocust which is responsible for creating and distributing neurotransmitters throughout the body and if you’ll remember from earlier epithelium system is one of the oldest pieces of brain tech that exists it’s the basic stuff that just about everything with moving parts has which means almost any animal that insusceptible to fear is susceptible topside and this this is the most important piece that explains everything are capable of mimicking luxury resort scenario but I have to believe that they do way.

way more than that in order to keep Pokemon docile and contained they would have to continuously bathe them and stimuli it keeps their fear and anxiety levels high this is why they’re always ready tonight their bodies are flooded with Coriolis all the time and cortisone can cause physical deformities and high doses but you know what prevents Coriolis embolization into muscle and fat tissue anabolism steroid this is exactly why anabolism steroids promote strong muscle growth chorus all causes wasting anabolism steroids.

say get out of here Coriolis into boot capture Pokemon are always stronger than wild Pokemon of the same level this is basketballs are freaking dope dens designed to psychologically manipulate and suppress the will of Pokemon so they will always be willing participants in the.