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Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything About science

Jackson Pollock that’s not a question like they’re powerful and impressive concerning and upsetting pieces and you know I I just I I feel like if you went and saw art in a museum if you went and saw art in person you’d understand a lot more about it and a lot more about your own take on its sort of like it’s the-equivalent of taking stuff apart if you look at enough stuff you start to see patterns emerge because you’re paying attention and when you see patterns emerge you start to be able to call up to your own your own judgement about something you know which is it’s like my early political science hero Noam Chomsky says you know yeah I’ve done all this experimentation but you shouldn’t-take my word for.

It you should go out and do your own research count the column inches in the New York Times and come to your own conclusion there’s question here about Jamie the questions imply is where is Jamie Where’s Jaime Jamie’s already on a plane on the way back to San Francisco he was here last-night Jamie was here last night anyone get property with Jamie there we go I won’t ask about Jamie in your relationship with Jamie where did you when did you guys figure out that you guys had arelationship.that would be conducive to a narrative Oh Mike telling stories so Jamie gave me my first job a special-effects years ago and then years ago he called me up because were professionally friendly and said I got a call from Discovery Channel they want to want to do this show called Mythbusters.

They want to shoot a demo reel I don’t really think that I could it on my own but maybe we could do it together and then we shot the pilot over six weeks they loved it the camera crew showed up three weeks later sorry we shot the pilot we shot the demo revolver six hours cut it this camera crew showed up three weeks later we shot the pilots over six weeks and then discovery picked them up and we’ve been literally shooting Mythbusters ever since.

The Miracle Of Science Technology

All of our most important research into POTSDAM has come from animal testing which is you know kind of horrifying because they literally had to experimentally and systematically traumatize rats and other animals in order to elicit POTSDAM and they discovered that POTSDAM primarily hides within the limb system specifically the hippo campus and the brain stem in little cluster of cells called.

The honeylocust which is responsible for creating and distributing neurotransmitters throughout the body and if you’ll remember from earlier epithelium system is one of the oldest pieces of brain tech that exists it’s the basic stuff that just about everything with moving parts has which means almost any animal that insusceptible to fear is susceptible topside and this this is the most important piece that explains everything are capable of mimicking luxury resort scenario but I have to believe that they do way.

way more than that in order to keep Pokemon docile and contained they would have to continuously bathe them and stimuli it keeps their fear and anxiety levels high this is why they’re always ready tonight their bodies are flooded with Coriolis all the time and cortisone can cause physical deformities and high doses but you know what prevents Coriolis embolization into muscle and fat tissue anabolism steroid this is exactly why anabolism steroids promote strong muscle growth chorus all causes wasting anabolism steroids.

say get out of here Coriolis into boot capture Pokemon are always stronger than wild Pokemon of the same level this is basketballs are freaking dope dens designed to psychologically manipulate and suppress the will of Pokemon so they will always be willing participants in the.