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Ways On How To Prepare For Mexican Restaurant

Into it though stuff with beans and cheese and like to fry if there are potatoes another signatures shrimp thief we’re stupid stupid underappreciated in a corn tortilla lightly dry you we have a generic runner with princeliness and mushroom salad on top movie for Pittsburgh finishing with some pineapple applesauce dark yeah Sear Toccata here with guacamole onions and cabbage slaw and salsa fresco honeymooner people on video insecure the Santiago style Shi’ite trying to get stuff ready yes.

That’s the goal but we’re not done what are we go hey we have our list our specialty evening their campus your diners doubt you’re like easier to serve on a beefy bacon in some microgroove the top so simple is so amazing roman freeze any seafood Jamie we’re coming to an end almost almost so we’re not there yet Mary what do we got we have this is our champion it is cooked in a banana leaves so these things are garlic interdenominational some seared Brussels sprouts sweet potatoes take that to your corn tortillas.

okay this is going to be at the carcasses well it’s a cupcake race for a year that is a little bit crispy little bit of grit beans cilantro Mexican Restaurant red onion apple wood smoked crispy bacon over the top and this has our tortillas excuse that in their enrollments hi Jamie all the courses are done ye snow Rob the desert yes you have literally brought us a mountain of desert please share the border grill how do we do this earth well for starters imaging is homemade everything is made here in house from across every week so.

I have a variety okay here we have our pineapple upside-down cake which is producing I’ll find a Mexican restaurant but it’s Omaha Mexican Restaurant banana cream pie our blonde passed over Tina this is little different this is tome a signature item here-puff pastry cream cheese chunks of chocolate white chocolate whip cream and chocolate mousse cream over-the-top bowl we also have our tees lech traditional Mexican chocolate pie with an Oreo crust on.