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Why You Should Not Go To Instrument Rental

Transfer you picks not Manuel Campos and I don’t say this to everyone but I will throw in my band’s demo sir is that your pick Found it on that imp give me that customer service no that’s customer service let me transfer you would it be possible they could try to be spells out I have to get my keys those keys right there no not not these my my other these aren’t for that no mocked my friend told me that a flanges the pedal that I should get so I’m kind of just great to see if I could.

Just try that one what it sounds like what about that delay right there ah what is the way me do mm-hmm it would probably be way easier if I could just try them excuse me I have a question about some pedals over here one here you play no oh I wish you would check out my fancy B do you get so many strings above like a we got bass strings I mean for a guitar why a commando you want the warranty with this hey can I borrow you for a second I’m actually on break Kim oh yeah yeah no problem give me second.

I’ll go finds instrument rental one for you great thank you yeah we’re actually all on break so if you want to come back inline minutes we can help you then dude good choice do you want the ultimate protection music lessons playing with this it’s worth it oh nice you definitely want the warranty with this ah Papooses you need to get the warranty dude how much is it it’s like bucks but that’s only five so warranty warranty just get the warranty dude uh what’s the what kind of like what about the custom Distortion uh what about the custom.

phase you who tuned this wasn’t me I think it was meson much money looking to spend today you’re like fact-checking her bucks Ivan spend probably I am your guy anything you need you come to me oh that’s super nice even yeah thank you so much yeah totally wait we don’t make a mission anymore hey man how much could I get for this um no check manor yeah.