Ten Ways Cacao Nibs Substitute Can Improve Your Business

Good you want to try and make sure that your grid is as small as possible because that’s going to to get the effect that you want because that’s going to you know speed up your simulation take a look here in the camera view and we have a pretty good grid setup now cacao nibs substitute the next thing that we’re going to want to do is create a sources let’s go to create helpers and from the drop-down will choose Phoenix FD-now we can choose a regular Phoenix source but there’s also a Phoenix liquid source which is a little bit easier.

Totes up and more geared towards liquids so I’ll drag this out in the viewpoint going to go over to the modify pan eland here you can pick what you want to emit liquid from so we’ll choose add and we’re going to choose our emitter chichis our little chocolate stick and then we’re going to set up some of these parameters so I’m going to bring the discharge down to this will mean it’s discharging a lot less liquid than the default of and if we look at this animation we can see that you know it pours over and moves across this candy bar and we want to probably taper off the amount of liquid that’s coming up around so let’s turn.

on Auto Key and we’ll create a just kind of scrub this up and down to create a key at of discharge of then we’ll reduce that discharge maybe around to this way it will start pouring chocolate over our candy and then as we go over it will kind of taper off towards the end we’ll turn off auto key and with a simulator selected we’ll go over the modify pan eland there’s one more thing we’re going-to want to do before we start to simulate and that’s of course go to the liquids roll out and make sure that this simulator.

Is set up to be simulating liquid cacao nibs so we’re just going to check enable and that’s going to set up couple of other things for us including probably some better preview values sow can see the preview let’s scroll up to simulation and click on start so now what we should see is some liquid coming down and spraying over our candy bar I’m going to scroll down to the preview.